The ENESSIS BINDING CASSETTE PLUS, made of sheet metal and aluminum,  is a robust and quality construction.

It uses pneumatic system to function, and it can process two materials like cardboard and PVC.

The use of PVC is achieved by Role Bar Press system that has at its disposal , which sticks briefly the  PVC internal paper to the photos, evenly and without leaving bubbles.

The result of creating a digital album of PVC is more qualitative aesthetic effect but also the unparalleled durability over time and corrosion from moisture and other factors. Furthermore you do not need time to press. When the body finishes, it’s ready.

Dimensions of the album that it creates:

MINIMUM: 10x10cm (closed size)

MAX: 45x45cm (closed size)

Machine Dimensions:

765 x 590 x 500mm

Weight: 40kg

IMG 0068 

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