The bookbinding bone or cue is a small and handy tool for every bookbinder or album manufacturer. The main use is to fold and crease papers - photographs even to separate or mark. The bookbinding bones that are company by our company trades are genuine bones. The bookbinding bones can also be of plastic or Teflon or wood. The only care needed is good and regular washing because if the glues go dry on the bone surface they might leave marks on the object with which you are working. The bone dimension is 160 mm.



Cutting corners are a useful accessory for the covers manufacturer as they help to cut the right corners on the cover

 and has always firmly correct turnings without 'linters'

Available in 5 sizes for all thicknesses of cardboards.

Beyond the simple corner they are also available corners with  '' tie '' cut  for easy cutting with precision and without delay.

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