This product is a combination of four key elements. The grey-grey bookbinding cardboard, the foam material, the thin brown cardboard and the glue. The foam board paper is available in various thicknesses which depend on the thickness of the two base materials (grey - grey cardboard and foam). The thin brown cardboard is of 250g / sq. thickness and offers better feel in combination with the hard foam .The grey-grey bookbinding cardboard is available from 1,00mm thickness up to 4,00mm and the foam material from 2mm up to 5mm. The foam cardboard paper can easily be worked by any covering machine of the market. The standard sizes and thicknesses that our company offers are the following:  


Grey - grey cardboard 1,20mm, 1,70mm, 2,00mm, 2,40mm, 3,00mm, 3,50mm in dimension of 70cmx 100cm, 75cmx 105cm) Hard foam of 2.00mm thickness, 3,00mm and in dimension of 70cmx 100cm, 75cmx 105cm. All the grey - grey cardboard  thicknesses from 1mm up to 4mm and all foam thicknesses from 2mm up to 5mm in any dimension can be produced upon request of the customer to a specific amount.




The foam cardboard is exactly the same product with foam cardboard paper without the thin brown cardboard of 250 g. / Sq. The foam cardboard thanks to the hard and dense foam gives a rich and soft feel when dressed in the cover. This product is worked only by hand and is ideal for artistic bookbinding. Available in the same sizes and thicknesses as well as the foam cardboard paper.


The thin foam paper is a special product that consists of brown thin paper of 250 g. / Sq. and the foam. In essence we have two layers of thin brown sheets 250g. / Sq. and an intermediate foam sheet. The product is mainly used for the creation of decoration on album covers. It can easily be used by sewing machine. The thicknesses of the product depend on the foam (2mm up to 5mm). The standard sizes and thicknesses are of 70cmx 100cm, 75cmx 105cm 2,00mm, 3,00mm thickness. As in the other cardboard foam may be produced in any size and thickness upon client request to a specific amount.

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